LTC Benefit Payments

Long Term Care Benefit Payments

Genworth Guide to Making a Claim

With a reimbursement policy or certificate, you, your personal representative, or your Care Provider submits billing invoices for Long Term Care services (LTC) or items. Did you know that you can upload billing invoices through email id to upload billing invoices? Documents should be formatted as .PDF or .TIF and the claim number must be in the subject line. With an indemnity policy, a claim associate will contact your care provider to confirm that you received covered Long Term Care services.

Elimination Period

When required by the policy or certificate, an Elimination Period must be met before benefit payments will begin. The Elimination Period—a period in which expenses for covered care and services will not be reimbursed—was chosen by you when purchasing the policy or certificate. You will need to submit invoices proving you have satisfied your elimination period. For more information related to your Elimination Period, call 800.876.4582

After the policy or certificate's Elimination Period, if applicable, has been met, and while you remain benefit eligible, benefit payments will begin. The initial benefit payment is usually processed within 30 business days of meeting the Elimination Period.

Please note: Genworth will periodically review your claim to confirm your level of care and needs are appropriate, and that they continue to satisfy the eligibility requirements of the policy or certificate.

Reimbursement Policy or Certificates:
During each benefit payment review, the claim associate will consider the services or items submitted for reimbursement, as well as the available coverage and your Plan of Care. Covered expenses are then reimbursed up to the policy or certificate's coverage limits.

Indemnity Policy:
During each benefit payment review, the claim associate confirms the services received, as well as the policy's available coverage, then issues a benefit payment, in an amount equal to the applicable benefit.

Please note: If you purchased a Home or Community Care Rider with the Indemnity policy, benefit payments subject to that Rider are reviewed based on the reimbursement payment process.

Benefit payments are typically issued once per month, on or around the same date, and are paid directly to you or a Provider designated by an acceptable Assignment of Benefits.

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