Aging &
Your Health

The passage of time has a profound effect on each of us in different ways

We’ve been at the forefront of not only researching the effects of aging, but helping explain the physical effects of growing older to younger generations using state-of-the-art technology and simulations both in person and online. These simulations don’t just help younger generations understand the challenges of their elders. They help create empathy and start important conversations about the very practical challenges of aging and how best to address them.


Aging affects all of our bodies differently but there are several common issues most of us will experience as we grow older. Understanding how physical challenges impact everyday life helps reinforce the importance of thinking about future long term care needs and talking to loved ones about how they would like to age.

It can be hard to understand the physical challenges of aging. We created simulations and videos to help experience those issues firsthand and gain empathy.

R70i Aging Experience

Our Genworth R70i Aging Experienceopens in new window lets people directly experience the physical effects of aging, mimicking a variety of age-related challenges including arthritis, vision disorders, and hearing loss. The purpose of the R70i suit is to start a national dialogue about the process of aging, educate people about what to look out for, and help spread the word about what steps can be taken to maintain a better quality of life.

See how the challenges of aging have affected families like yours

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