Aging & You

The key to making the most of those later years? Start planning today to live life on your terms tomorrow.

Aging isn't a dirty word. We believe aging is something to be embraced, not endured. The early years of life can be hectic and packed with the hubbub of education, child rearing, and getting started in a career. The later years provide an opportunity to spend more time with family and friends, doing more of what you love with the people you care about most.

Aging & You


The World is Aging.

Because of the size of the Baby Boomer generation, the effects of one generation growing older are going to be felt by everyone.

Infographic showing life expectancy of a woman that is 65 years old today is 86.6

Not just longer, but richer lives

We’re also living longer than ever. Life expectancy has increased steadily for decades and is currently age 81 for women and 76 for men. Longer lives means we don’t just accumulate more knowledge and greater wisdom over time, but a clearer sense of self, deeper relationships and more meaningful moments with the people we love.

Infographic showing life expectancy of a man that is 65 years old today is 84.3

Aging & Your Health

The passage of time affects your body in a variety of ways. See how we’re using the latest technology to help families just like yours understand the physical challenges that come with aging and try our online simulations for yourself.

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Aging & Your Family

The issues of aging don’t just affect one person. They affect entire families. Whether it’s a spouse acting as a caregiver, a son or daughter taking time away from work to help tend to an aging parent, or a young grandchild wondering why a parent is spending so much time over at a grandparent’s house, there isn’t a single person whose life isn’t touched when an older person needs some type of long term care.

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Aging & Your Finances

Longer lives means the money saved for retirement needs to not only last longer but also be sufficient to cover long term care costs. Many people mistakenly assume that Medicare and Medicaid will be the answer. Most are surprised to find out how little government programs actually cover. Planning ahead can help not only reduce unpleasant surprises, but provide you and your family with greater sense of security about the future.

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