Aging &
Your Finances

Longer lives can be richly rewarding. But they can also be financially challenging.

Assets accumulated over a lifetime of work need to last longer than ever. Those assets now have to cover not only expected daily expenses, but, for the 70% of people who will need long term care at some point1, long term care services as well.

Planning is Key

The most important part of navigating the financial challenges of older age is planning. Even if you didn’t start planning decades ago, now is not too late to start either.

7 out of 10 people will need care with basic activities like bathing, feeding themselves, or getting dressed. Learn more about long term care and how it could affect you.

If you think these programs will seamlessly provide for your long term care needs, think again. Get the facts now about what is and isn’t covered.

Where, how, and how much care you receive depends on what you need and on what you can afford. Find out what the options are and which ones are right for you.

Cost of Care Survey

It’s important to know now how much different types of care may cost where you live. That’s why we’ve done our Cost of Care Survey every year since 2004.

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